Volunteer Driver, Van Service and Contracted Service provided by Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin

Volunteer driver, van service and contracted service

About this Program

Several options are available for transportation to and around their facilities including volunteer drivers and a contracted van service. MUST be a patient at the hospital to be eligible for transportation services to and from outpatient appointments at the hospital. Patients can be picked up or dropped off at any hospital entrance around the campus including the Sargeant Health Center. Volunteer Drivers and Contracted Van Service: Must be an outpatient at hospital. Must have absolutely no other means (eg family, friends, church, neighbors) for transportation available. Must live within a 6 mile radius of the hospital. Income eligibility requirements apply. Contact the organization to determine whether you are income eligible. Must provide documented financial need (eg paystub, Social Security Disability, unemployment, bank statement). For those with no income, will be requested to complete a form to document. Volunteer Drivers: Patients must be ambulatory. Contracted Van Service: Wheelchair accessible.



Phone number


9200 W Wisconsin Ave, WI 53226

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