Dominican Center

Educating residents in the areas of literacy, advocacy, leadership, skill development and service to others

About this Program

The Dominican Center supports the Amani neighborhood with increasing educational opportunities, economic development and better health outcomes for the Amani Community. The many activities at the Dominican Center are intimately linked together. They lead to, from and with each other. No one of them stands alone. Adult Education, Housing, and Building Neighborhood Capacity, are all facets of a single mission: to enhance the dignity, safety, security and economic self sufficiency of each Amani resident. Without an education, finding a job is problematic. Without a job, homeownership is not feasible. Without ongoing financial growth, neighborhood development is not possible. The weaving together of all of these elements is what makes the Dominican mission successful. Our Work: Adult Education Home Owner Support Building Neighborhood Capacity Social Change ?PeppNation Milwaukee Women's Correctional Center Book Club



Phone number

Phone number


2470 W Locust St, WI 53206

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